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Tom Hiddleston on Loki TV Series- ” It’s A New Departure” For The God of Mischief

The Loki series on Disney+ has been creating a lot of buzz ever since it was announced. But Tom Hiddleston has now revealed teeny tiny details about it.

Filming On Netflix’s The Witcher Has Now Ended; Trailer Could Drop Soon

Netflix's live-action adaptation of The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, has now ended filming. And with that, a new trailer could be well on its way.

The Best HBO Shows of All Time Ranked

HBO (Home Box Office) has dominated the field of television for a long time. As of now, it faces stiff competition...

Falcon & Winter Solder Disney+ Series – Get Ready to Witness the Frenemies Together in Action

Disney has announced Falcon & Winter Soldier as an exclusive Disney+ show. How the said series will affect Captain American And MCU's 4th phase is something to look forward to.

Ian Glenn From Game of Thrones Cast as Bruce Wayne in Titans

Ian Glenn, known for playing Ser Jorah Mormon in Game of Thrones has been cast as Bruce Wayne, aka the Batman in DC Universe's Titans.

Roar of the Lion Hotstar Exclusive- Dhoni Answers Every Question of a True CSK Fan

M.S Dhoni reveals the darkest times in his career through the new docudrama series on Hotstar, Roar of the Lion. Read more to find out!

Apple Streaming Service – What To Expect?

In a special event today, Apple is set to announce its plans for the Apple upcoming streaming service. Here's what we know about the service.

DC Universe Is Going Free for Batman’s 80th Birthday

DC Universe, the streaming service for DC-exclusive content, is going free for one day in celebration of The Dark Knight- Batman's 80th birthday.

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Taika Waititi Is Returning to Direct Thor 4; Akira Put On Hold

Marvel Studios has confirmed that after the smash hit that was Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi is returning to direct the next installment.

Hrithik Vs Tiger’s War: Is Bollywood Finally Going to Top in Action Genre?

While the debate of Bollywood vs. Hollywood has been going on forever, it looks like Hrithik vs. Tiger aka War is going to shut some mouths. Let's see what this War is going to offer us.

Mindhunter Season 2 is Officially Set to Return to Netflix

Our favorite psychological thriller, Mindhunter, is all set to make a comeback in August, and it's official! Read all about the second season here.

Exploring Quentin Tarantino’s Style of Movies – Part I

Quentin Tarantino is one of the best directors alive today. This article will dive into his world, explaining some factors that set his films apart.