With Bollywood finally taking the head in creating and presenting original stories to their audience, is Hollywood lagging behind? With remakes, sequels, and prequels taking over the box office, it appears that less and less of original stories are told. Here are some possible reasons why Hollywood is now slowly becoming less authentic.

More Audience For Hollywood

Hollywood is not only for the Americans but also for the rest of the world. With such a wide audience, the need to please only becomes direr. This leads to movies becoming more and more generic, with more and more emphasis on entertaining the audience rather than staying true to the story.

More Reliance On Superficial Elements

It appears that studios put less effort into storytelling elements like plot, loopholes, imagery and instead favor superficial elements such as CGI, guns, and explosions. CGI can be a useful tool when portraying environments that can be difficult to emulate in real life. However, too much of everything can be bad and that’s exactly what is happening now. Older films still awe us without CGI and these tropes and perhaps dependence on them is now what cripples them.

Lack Of Original Ideas

Perhaps the writers and screenwriters of this generation are at a huge disadvantage. It appears that everything has been already done and nothing seems to be novel to the audience anymore. Prior to this era, there were plenty of novel ideas to be that could be explored. It appears that now all that we can do is put a new spin on classic ideas. However human imagination is endless. We have many more possible scenarios that are possible like space travel. This seems like a rather useless excuse.

Superhero Movies are now the highest grossing genre.

Profit Matters

No matter how much one would like to sugarcoat, film making has become a way for studios to churn out the same movies so that they earn loads of money. Producers are putting their money in safer and safer options. With online piracy on the rise and more pressure on pleasing everyone, the result is to focus on safer bets that can bring profit to the studios.

On the plus side, it seems that Bollywood is now more accepting of original and touching films. With films like Stree, Andhadhun,Badla, and Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota it’s a step forward for Bollywood.

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