The Neil Marshall directed Hellboy reboot which stars David Harbour as Hellboy & Milla Jovovich as the primary antagonist has received scathing reviews from critics and audiences. Was the decision to reboot Hellboy right?

With a disappointing 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a below average 5.3 rating on IMDb, the film has failed to impress the critics and audiences alike. The film has also opened dismally at the box office with the first week collections at $15 million.

hellbiy 2019

Various reasons are being blamed for the failure of the reboot. Some of the major ones were:

1. A Needless Reboot

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Besides the reboot, Hellboy had two previous cinematic outings with the maverick director Guillermo Del Toro helming both of them. Ron Perlman starred as the beast of the apocalypse in both of the films. Both of the films although critically acclaimed were moderate successes at the box office.

Though the studio’s noble intention to turn Hellboy into a blockbuster franchise was seen. The coolness and the sharpness of the Del Toro films were missing in the reboot.

2. Too many storylines

The major problem with the reboot was the cocktail of four Hellboy storylines namely “Hellboy in Mexico”, “Darkness Calls”, “Wild Hunt” and “The Storm and the Fury” in one film. This created confusion among movie goers and general audience who have little knowledge about “Hellboy”. Even die-hard fans of the character criticized the inclusion of too many storylines which further complicated the screenplay of the film.

3. Forced Humour

The Del Toro Hellboy films had inherent humour present through it. Ron Perlman flair for comic timing and Del Toro’s vision made those Hellboy films entertaining but the reboot does it all wrong. Although David Harbour is a good Hellboy he is not aptly supported by the poor script and poor dialogue which fails to invoke laughter which has been a major disappointment.

4. Changes Due to the Studio

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Every Hellboy film has been distributed by a different studio. The first one was by Sony, the second one by Universal but the reboot was distributed by Lionsgate. Lionsgate has a poor track record with comic book films and reboots. With the 2010 film Red being their biggest success in the comic book genre.

Besides all these the pacing, other actors’ performances, corny and laughable dialogue, have made the reboot look worse.

With the Spawn reboot by the creator, Todd MacFarlane and Sony’s Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel, R-rated Superhero flicks which became a fad after the release of Deadpool can fade as well if not made properly.

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