India’s Most Wanted is the tale of a covert operation carried out by the Intelligence Bureau and the Bihar Police in 2013 to capture Yusuf (terrorist renamed), the man behind several serial blasts starting 2008.

After a series of blasts in the country that killed hundreds and left thousands injured, India declared Yusuf as its most wanted terrorist. Seven years in the passing and he couldn’t be traced. All the intelligence agencies of the country confirmed his bases to be in Pakistan and Dubai but the attacks still continued.

Arjun Kapoor in India’s Most Wanted

Prabhat Kumar, played by Arjun Kapoor, is a third generation intelligence officer who is ready to die for his country at any instant. He has the reputation of having a stubborn nature which has, in fact, enabled him to lead his team through successful secret missions. Prabhat receives intel from an unnamed source that Yusuf has been sighted in Nepal. In an attempt to verify the credibility of the information, Prabhat rounds up his team of four apparent nobodies.

The team is denied all help from the center and ordered to terminate the mission. Rajesh Singh, played by Rajesh Sharma, the regional defence minister, defies the order and gives them a thumbs up and asks them to maintain the secret.

The movie follows Prabhat and his unlikely team, who take up help from Ravi, a member of the border police, embarking on their journey in Nepal. From meeting the source to keeping their identity and motive hidden, the team is completely on their own. They face a threat from the ISI forces in Nepal as the news reaches Pakistan. Being after the terrorist in hiding, they too have to make a run for their lives, towards the Indian border.

Even though the story of the manhunt is interesting the narrative fails to be gripping. The screenplay is loose at times and makes the 124-minute run-time seem longer than it is. The climax gives off a very staged vibe. The action sequences are kept to a minimum but the incorporation of humor feels forced.

Arjun Kapoor keeps his face straight throughout, even more so than required. The casting has been done carefully and with much thought. Each character is important to the team and has been played efficiently. The cinematography has been kept fairly simple. A few background scores have been added but they fail to make a mark.

The movie makes an honest attempt to relay the story of the country’s unsung heroes who are behind such missions. These officers bet on their lives for the safety and security of the country without any expectation of credits or medals. Moreover, if caught then their existence is denied by the center and they are left to die.

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