11th  and 12th have always been chaos in every Indian student’s life, after the first step of completion of 10th, be it CBSE or ICSE. First students get grounded into choosing the stream they want to opt to. And “want to opt” phrase is just an illusion. In middle-class families, it means “what parents want them to opt for”. And that ends up to be Science, obviously! And after choosing Science, you’ve two roads waiting to be trodden on; it’s either Medical or Engineering. And talking about Medical or Engineering, there’s JEE and NEET waiting at your destiny and thinking of Engineering, anything less than IIT  is equal to a committing a crime.

This is one of the stressful periods in a student’s life. Getting one groomed, to book a seat and thinking about future beyond, gives chills to the souls. Every person has gone through that feeling, of being in a hanging bridge, where either you fall off the bridge or reach the other side of it, and the journey while being on the bridge is what is the scariest part. This is one of the most typical phases of a student.

And readers out here, who have reached till this line, I’m sure you’ve remnants of that dust on your shoes, of such a journey, and this makes you recall that one-word “KOTA, RAJASTHAN”. And looking at those harassing as well as cherishing lifestyle of those 2 years, it will surely be recalling those stressful classes and those tasteless mess food, and those still struggling in that, I’m sure you won’t regret witnessing that you aren’t the only one.

The Viral Fever has brought to us the series – Kota Factory, an amazing student series which shows the life struggle of all IIT and Medical Aspirants in competition and life as well. It shows the educational race rate in the present world, the 2 years race of a student to just snatch one seat.

Kota Factory

It starts with a student’s father getting his son (Vaibhav) admitted to one of the classes in Kota, after 10th, while struggling for getting the best one according to his obtained percentage. .Students who know about the difference  A*  and A10 know the real struggle of reshuffling for these sections at every alternate interval and staying glued to the best sections, and for those, for whom this seems to be a blind spot, let me enlighten you. Basically, A* consists of the ‘90% holder’ students, getting the best facilities and faculties; the one class which gets a lot of principal visits and counsels. And while going down the scale the facility goes on decreasing as per the class number just the size of the elements while going horizontal in a periodic table. And in such classes, while going down the lane, toppers are in limelight.

The protagonist Vaibhav, played by Mayur More, is an IIT aspirant who shows the life struggles of such students in day-to-day life. Finding himself in A5 section with a lot of hardships, an average aspirant will totally relate to you all, when he is in his subject frustrations, DPP completions and so on. I was a medical aspirant, so I totally did blend with the moments portrayed in each second of those episodes released till date.

There’s another character, which is the favorite of every student,  which feels like a ray of sunshine in that mundane studying life of students. It’s about those cheerful teachers which the lives over there a bit laughable. In here, it’s our Jeetu Bhaiya played by Jitendra Kumar is a savior to everyone’s life. Playing the role of an expert in Physics, and this means “correcting B.M. Sharma’s book solutions” expert. He is the one that keeps life in all students, that doesn’t give the feel of a teacher, rather a fun loving elder self with you.

Jeetu in TVF's Kota Factory
Jeetu in TVF’s Kota Factory

Vaibhav always finds himself in stress, along with his friend Meena, played by Ranjan Raj, in front of Jeetu Bhaiya, with one or the other problems, and he comes with tactics to screw up all their problems with just some soothing and teenage solutions.

The Cast of TVF's Kota Factory
The Cast of TVF’s Kota Factory

A black and white series is sure to take you to ride back to those stressful nights of numerical, calculations, inorganic chemistry and so on bombs we witnessed in that journey. Go and click the play button now.


  1. The review of this one-of-a-kind series was quite apt. Touching upon the struggles, opinions and dilemmas of the various characters apart from shedding light on the subject of parental pressure, you have done a wonderful job in depicting a student’s life after his proverbial first step into unchartered territory. Keep up the good work.

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