An exhilarating live-action adaption of Disney’s animated classic, Aladdin which was previously thought to be ruined by Will Smith playing the Genie has finally gotten people excited. Disney dropped the third trailer and almost everyone who was trolling it is now eagerly waiting for the movie to drop because of the amazing CGI effects, action sequences, the humor and a few snippets of the songs from the original movie like Friend like me and A whole new world.

Here’s the poster for the movie.

The trailer starts with an Instagram intro from Will Smith in which he posted “YOOO, I just saw #Aladdin. It is FIRE!”

And he couldn’t be more right. Although social media absolutely ridiculed Smith for ruining their childhood memories of The Genie, the CGI played its part and right now Smith must be literally shedding tears of happiness after reading the comments.

The trailer has everything a Disney movie should. A tale of a charming street rat Aladdin and the self-determined princess Jasmine, who get together because of the efforts of the Genie, what else do we want?

Although some of the fans feel like there is a bit of Bollywood touch because of the costumes and brown characters, overall it is surely a delight to watch.

Here’s the trailer.

So lesson learnt? Never judge a book by its cover and a movie by its first look! Let’s hope the movie is as good as the trailer made it seem.

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