Short series are becoming a sensation nowadays. Films are work of 2 to 3 hours compressed story but short series have a special way of keeping us bound to our chairs.

One of the short stories which I’m going to review on is Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please

This story revolves around 4 women, 2 in their 30s and 2 in their 20s, who are flaw imbibed in their own lives and how they deal with it. How they forget their problems when they come together for hanging out in a bar taking shots and forget their worries. A series of 10 episodes and a twist in every episode and will keep this lingering in your mind.

Although the recently released film “Veere di wedding” tried to kind of portray the girlish theme but this series adds a different taste to such a theme, a much interesting too. The series covers all the necessary problems to personal as well as professional needs of a girl.

It shows a divorced lady played by Kirti Kulhari about the struggles, of a single lady in a world and also as a woman. It swipes of the taboo that after a person is divorced it’s unethical for a woman to think of another man, living another life and if a child of own, then life needs a surrender. Here, she copes up the intrusion of another lady in so-called “his” life, the job of being a lawyer, handling her child and as night falls on the city, then with her sexual desires and its not wrong of thinking of a man to spend the rest of your life with.

The next comes to be a crime reporter played by Sanaya Gupta who touches the extremes of her success but is down the hell in her love life. She fantasizes about her gynecologist or sometimes hooks up with her ex. But being extremely good in the field of hers. But things get absurd when her company’s site gets trolled by different visitors as a response, as a threat to her to one of her cases. Even though being the owner, she has to face lot challenges in stabilizing out her life hurdles and her career in whole and in the meantime hampering the confused feelings of her love life.

Talking about love life comes the body shaming character of our society. A Gujju girl played by Maanvi Gagroo who loves to eat her heart out, is always taunted by her mom as she is unable to trap any rich settled Gujju guy for her because of her unattractive self. She feels bad about her forlorn self. Life takes a turn when her gay friend informs her about A grade site where people can go live and show off themselves, basically everything that you’re thinking it to be right now. And she, reversing from body shamming, gets appreciations. But things turn out to be really parlous when her real identity is revealed to a person devastating her finally found love life. I’ll leave it to you to see who that unexpected person comes out to be once you watch the series.

Talking about friendship in a city and skipping out LGBT seems a bread without jam, isn’t it?

So, Gurbani Judge, playing a Punjabi girl and a bisexual, who is also a gym trainer. Running off from her home, in order to escape from the mundane ritual of getting married and leaving the first love, she lands in this city to build up her career and falls in love with a famous actress while being her personal coach.  Being smooth for a while conflicts dig up in their life too.

Four more Shots Please
Four more Shots Please

This show showers the daily problem and issues dealt by the women of today’s world and which are thought to be a taboo to be spoken off about. These four, when they meet up in a bar named Truck Bar,  after enduring every nuisance of their life, take up shots and support each other. After all, that’s what friends are for.

In Four More Shots Please, enjoy the journey of four friends who deal up with all the problems when they come together and also at times when they are alone. Coming with this beautiful and addictive series of Amazon Prime, get it streaming right away.

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