We discussed Authorial intents and the Death Of An Author in part 1, but now, we discuss how authorial intent can sometimes be misleading. When it comes to Authorial Intent Of Harry Potter, the fans get a rather conflicting story. She has always actively campaigned against alternate interpretations of her characters. Yet she still controls and edits the narrative of the story long after it was over. At first glance, this can be really confusing. Is it good in the long run for the fan community? Or is it extremely harmful?

The Positives

When a fan community seeks to challenge the authorial intent of work, surprisingly fan fictions turn out to be a popular option. This isn’t the only way but is one of the bigger and more accessible ways. Nowadays fanfictions are way more mainstream but this is a recent development. Previously, a lot of authors would shun away from such works and even more so if the work featured the LGBTQ+ community. In 2004, J.K Rowling mentioned in an interview that she was honored that people wanted to write stories of her characters.

This was a pretty big deal in 2004. She has also actively participated in the fanfiction community. In fact, she would even give out awards for the ones she thought were the best. However, it is to be noted, that she was not the first nor the only author who supported fanfictions. But due to the insane popularity of her works, her words were highly influential.

The Negatives

Over the past 11 years, since the series ended J.K Rowling has been falling out with fans. This is because see her as someone who has been increasingly tweaking the story. Her last book released in 2017 and that’s when all this self editing began to happen. Later that year she confirmed that Dumbledore was gay. It raised a lot of reactions. Some fans welcomed her diversity while others did not. It gave rise to the question whether she was doing this to just show that her works were diverse. By mentioning it after the book was published gives the perks of having a gay character without actually writing one.

The Major Issue

There are several other examples but now they only seem to be added to make Harry Potter series sound way more progressive. Even if none of her reveals weren’t problematic, they would still create problems. In Death Of An Author, any other information that is not published, even the ones by the author don’t really count. Rather the issue here is that she has actively created situations where it seems that whatever she mentions outside the books should be treated as gospel. The author is actively discouraging people from reading the books and thinking critically about them. She even actively argues with fans about their interpretations of her characters. Her fans are just expected to believe everything that she says as the truth.


I think that everyone would agree with me that someone just needs to stop Rowling from using twitter. Oh, and by the way, this whole article was just a metaphor for the Five Night At Freddy’s games.

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