Yep, you heard that right. Warner Bros. just announced that they will be adapting your favorite cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry into a live action film. This is not the first time the comic duo have been the subjects of a film, but it will however be the first time in live action. Basically, we are going to be treated to a CGI version of both Jerry and Tom. It is a gimmick that has been tried before (anyone remember Cats and Dogs?), but never to much success. If it is any consolation, they have decided to keep both Tom and Jerry silent, instead of casting voice actors.

And we now have our first (unofficial) look at the movie, courtesy of DanielRPK:

Please note that while the concept art features the likeness of Jennifer Lawrence, no casting announcements have been made. It is typical of concept artists to detail out a hypothetical cast while planning out the look of the movie. It does provide for interesting discussion though.

The film is to be directed by Tim Story, whose filmography consists of mainly the “watch and forget” genre of movies. (Ride Along, Fantastic Four). Let’s hope that this is not one of them. From afar, the film seems redundant, with many questioning the need of another live-action film in a world where entertainment is saturated by reboots, but I have fairly high hopes for this one. As long as the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, it could be a blast.

On the other end of the spectrum, it could also be a total disaster. A horrible script has the ability to completely destroy a classic show, filled with classic characters. The film will do well in the theatres, no doubt filled with adults and children in equal measures. Let’s just hope the executives at Warner Bros. know what they are doing, and this isn’t just a fancy cover for a cash grab. I am now talking directly to you, people in charge of the film. Please don’t screw this one up. It’s all of our childhoods at stake.

The untitled Tom and Jerry Movie sits without a release date, but rumors suggest it might be coming in 2020.

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